Kitchen Video Monitor

As the price of flat screen monitors have become more affordable and easier to mount in food preparation areas, they are considered a viable alternative to the kitchen printers in many venues.

  • With the added ability of being able to track the time since the order was placed, you have the option to flash poor service alerts on multiple screens if required.
  • Replace your Kitchen Printers with Kitchen Monitors for a more accurate method of tracking orders and delivery times.
  • Use Touch Screens or Bump Boxes to complete the orders.
  • Up to 32 Kitchen Video Monitors can be installed in a single venue.
  • Product Categories can be assigned to any Kitchen Monitor.
  • The Head Chef can view all orders from a single terminal and see when they have been bumped off other monitors.
  • Orders can be bumped off by table, meal, group etc.
  • Food preparation instructions and ingredients can be displayed for any product. Used for staff training purposes.
  • Expedite urgent orders from the Bump Box.
  • See a summary of all orders in a single panel.
Kitchen Video Monitor

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