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Restaurants & Cafes

DESS Restaurant & Cafe POS Solution offers a fast and feature rich package that will provide table servers the ability to maximize their time on the restaurant or cafe floor with user friendly touch screen & hand held terminals. Complete orders including cooking instructions can be input at the POS terminal. Remote printing enables food orders to be printed in the kitchen and drink orders in the bar as soon as the cashier commits the order. The operation of a kitchen monitor system in the food preparation area helps improve kitchen efficiency. Clear visual information indicates orders that need to be fulfilled and the time since


Key Benefits:



Fast & Efficient Sales Operation



Hand Held Ordering



Digital Kitchen Monitor



Menu Boards



Kitchen Printer



Table Management






Eftpos Integration



Phone Orders with Caller ID lookup



Online Web store









Online Web store


Tablet Used for Order Taking




   View, Share and Pay for Bar Tabs Easily From Your Mobile Phone






     Mobile Ordering App 

Supported reservation Interfaces: