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Upgrade to the latest in POS technology from DESS

The latest in POS Technology

The latest in POS Technology

The latest in POS Technology

Restaurant order taking with a pen and paper can always cause inaccuracies when the waiter attempts to enter the order into the POS system. Incomplete cooking instructions and hard to read writing can sometimes mean an embarrassing trip back to the table to try and clarify the order.

All this can be resolved with the SwiftPOS Mobile Ordering software that takes you through a clearly defined menu structure so that nothing is forgotten and the order is clear. Once the order is saved to the table, the job is done and the waiter can move onto the next table. Patrons appreciate the fast, efficient service and any drink orders to tables appear at the bar immediately as well.

With improved battery life, greater wireless range and more robust hardware it is time to consider SwiftPOS Mobile Ordering as part of your next POS solution.